I met Brianna through Emmy Lowe Photo's For the Love Retreat this past April, and let me tell you, she is amazing. I met so many inspiring people, and luckily a few live in the Salt Lake area, including Brianna. So when Brianna was looking for someone to take head shots, I jumped at the opportunity.

I love shooting with other photographers. I used to think it would be intimidating, but now I love having someone to talk to and ask questions! And it also is good practice being the subject every once in awhile. I am pretty awkward, but I was comfortable around Brianna and she is very talented and makes her subjects feel at ease.

We started off at a painted wall that we were both looking forward to shooting at, but to our dismay, the wall had been painted over. We were bummed, but downtown Salt Lake has plenty of hidden gem locations just waiting to be found. We found more murals right around the corner, and then went to a parking garage. Needless to say, even when faced with adversity, photographers can make the best out of any situation ;)

P.S. Of course we both wore our For the Love necklaces from the retreat... They are from Made by Mary, and you can see more of here styles here. I wear mine everyday and love it so much!